Get a diary!

diary.jpgYou’d be forgiven for thinking that the hardest part of becoming a new mother is the pain of giving birth. The sleepless nights, constant attention a newborn needs will take a toll on you, mentally, emotionally and regardless of how much familial support you might have, it will be hard to cope in the beginning. Gradually, as you get use to looking after a newborn, things will become easier because you will be more accustomed to doing them. The number of things that you have to remember doing piles up, especially if you are a working mother or a student (please keep in mind this does not imply that stay-at-home mothers have it easier or more convenient for them).

Although I’m a huge fan of using technological advancements that can make life easier (Kindle, iPad, Mac, smartphone and so on), I have had trouble keeping track of things on a daily basis. As a postgraduate student, I need something that can easily remind me of whatever commitments I have without having to worry about whether I am missing out on something. Having already tried the calendar on my phone, laptop and tablet, I decided that the old fashioned way of doing things was perhaps more convenient.

Getting yourself a diary is the biggest favour that you will do for yourself. Having a diary can help you keep track of things, for example (1) noting all hospital appointments for the newborn and midwife check-ups (2) grocery shopping list/reminder (3) classes that you have to attend (4) washing up (5) newborn essentials that need to be topped up e.g. diapers, wet wipes, cotton pads and so on. By getting yourself organised, you make things easier mentally. Although you might not even be on top of things but having them organised makes it easier to get them done, otherwise where would you begin to start?

If you find it more convenient to use the calendar on your smartphone, do so by all means! The point is, find a way to keep on top of things and to be able to have an overview of your daily chores. Don’t let them pile up, do them as soon as you can. The more you delay things, the greater the pile that need to be done.

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