When should I try for a baby?

Baz, 6 months and three weeks old.

When is the right time to start trying for a baby? I don’t know. Each situation differs. Some people have commitments, whether academic or job-wise which doesn’t create a stable and secure environment for a child. It is not just the future of the child that you have to keep in mind, but your own mental state as well. Are you ready? If you feel ready, and have the support of your partner, surely that is the best time to start.

I have always wanted to have children young, so that I can watch them grow up, turn their dreams into realities and be part of their life while I can still jog along with them, not with a walking stick or in a wheelchair (hopefully, it will never come to that). When we tried for our prince charming Baz, it was a joint-decision. We were ready, and we were blessed with a baby after a while of trying.

I still remember the agonising run-up to giving birth, but despite how cliche, over-used, and often repeated this might sound, “it was all worth it”. Every morning I wake up to the giggles, and cries of my son. Sometimes at 6 AM, just right before starting work two hours later.

I can’t stress how beautiful it feels to have a child. Sometimes, and in retrospect this might sound creepy but I stare at him while he sleeps and wonder what he’s going to be like when he grows up. It’s a little thing, a moving, time-consuming, demanding little thing, and bewitching with his cuteness.

To keep it short and the fact that it took me over two weeks to have some time for less prioritised jobs such as blogging should say something about what the responsibility of having a child. I can’t tell someone when the “right time” is, but whatever decision you make on your own (hello single mothers or fathers!) stick to it.

My husband was not always on equal terms about the “right time” for trying for a baby. The truth is, we both respected each other enough to allow the other person to come to a similar decision. I think, if anyone is conflicted about when to have a baby, they shouldn’t force things on each other, they should just wait until things naturally fall into their own place.

And eventually things will fall into their own place. Trying “too hard” for anything is a bad decision, and one that many will live to regret, unless the “trying” is for a presidential role, then it is probably justifiable.

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