Sleepless Nights

160438169Sleep is what keeps us going, and when we don’t get much sleep, we are grumpy.

Now the question is how do you try to get much sleep when you have a newborn. Some people are blessed with newborns who will sleep through the night and the parents wake up fresh in the morning, where as some other parents won’t be as lucky as they may have had a very tiring night. Everyone talks of putting a routine into place but routines don’t usually work as newborns are on demand feeding which is difficult.

I just gave birth in March 2016 to Noah, l’m always tired because I have a toddler to keep up with during the day making almost difficult to nap while the baby does. I have tons of laundry and not to mention all the other domestic chores. When your discharged from hospital thats when the real work kicks in. Its ok if the house is messy or you don’t look the greatest, it’s because you’ve just given birth and thats a big thing, that little person changes your whole life. It’s a life long responsibility, and it is indeed a very long journey. Colic is such an issue when they are newborns and the first couple of months can be so tiring excessive crying from the baby, difficulty winding the baby. I found that using fresh dill seeds in boiling water helped Noah, as remedies didn’t help, like infacol, gripe water helped slightly. But I wanted to use something more natural, if you are breastfeeding then it’s also a good idea for the mother to consume the dill seed water and that helps through to the baby.

A routine eventually comes into place naturally, and those sleepless nights are soon forgotten. The key is to try to nap where possible putting everything to the side, because remember those chores can be done later, and asking for help where possible. There is nothing wrong in asking for help, it is good as everyone needs that power nap just to feel human again not in zombie mode. You are not alone and this phase shall pass. zzzzzzzzz!

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