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As the dreaded day approaches…


Last year, I struggled a lot as my firstborn child, my 4 year old daughter, ran into her classroom on her first day of school. Continue reading


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My kids are driving me CRAZY!

mu, juggling

I have two kids who are amazing, little adorable cutie pies. I constantly use all the greatest words in the world to describe and speak about them. Continue reading


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My top recommendations for keeping kids cool in summer

Little girl running in summer, Kurdish Mother, Tara Miran

In the summer heat (especially in the humid weather in Kurdistan), it can be quite tricky trying to keep our children comfortable, cool and safe. Continue reading


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Survival guide to weekend trips with children


Baz’s first trip to Brighton.

There should be a survival book, not guide, written about how to handle weekend trips with children. You might be surprised that parents tend to make such a huge fuss about how their children did not allow them to enjoy the weekend for themselves, and how little time they had for themselves, but I think the solution is a change of attitude.  Continue reading

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