Getting pregnant, the Kurdish way!

bab1.jpgThis is not an article on how you can conceive through a “Kurdish method” despite what the title might possibly allude to, there is no magic formula. It’s more or less about considering the consequences of trying to conceive, the 9-month journey, career challenging and life-changing decision to get pregnant.

First, let us consider the societal pressures, often stemming from close familial proximity that are placed upon newly weds on why they’re not trying to conceive and bring about a plump of joy.

Too often, people disregard the financial implications of having a child, and even the emotional turmoil that comes with it. If you live in a country where children have their own benefits and support system, you might not be as worried about the financial implications of having a child, but in Kurdistan we don’t have a child benefit system and consequently thinking about the long-term financial consequences of having a child is important (depending on your financial situation).

Trying to get pregnant can be exhausting. Honestly, even if you have no health problems, just merely trying and not getting the positive results on a little stick that shows two lines can leave you emotionally distraught. It is hard to imagine the emotional turmoil that ensues when you find out you can’t conceive because you have certain health problems, it can feel you leaving devastated without the right support system.

I can’t offer medical counselling, but throughout Kurdistan there are many excellent fertility clinics and doctors that can be consulted (although many opt for travelling outside of Kurdistan to receive treatment).

My personal tips for getting pregnant is, relax! It is not the end of the world to not be able to conceive within the first year (or even years!). Even if you find out you can’t conceive, there are alternatives such as adopting, life doesn’t end where one can’t conceive. Marriages/relationships are not just about having children (and this is why it is important to marry the right person or enter into a relationship with the right person). The second tip is to get a fertility calendar. There are many wonderful apps available on smartphones that can remind you of the days that you are most fertile.

Most importantly, plan your pregnancy. Don’t just rush into it without consideration! Consider how it will change your life, and the impact it will have on your relationship with your partner. The movie nights, late evening outs, and lazy sunday afternoons won’t be possible without careful planning once you have a child with you.

Good luck, and may this blog be a educational journey!

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