Week #1: Arrival of newborn and passing the çilla period

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 21.54.21The arrival of a new baby is exciting, scary and even challenging. Suddenly, you will find yourself overwhelmed with “baby duties”. Before even finishing feeding the baby, you’re already thinking of the next feeding time and diaper change. Luckily, Kurdish mothers have a tradition of staying with their families or in-laws (depending on the situation) for the duration of 40-days. We call this period çilla.

During the çilla period Kurdish mothers tend to stay close to their families and nurse their newborn. The çilla period is supposed to be relaxing and emotionally reassuring for new mothers. Although not all Kurdish mothers follow the çilla guideline, for example I was completing my postgraduate studies when I gave birth and could not take forty days off University.

Alongside taking time to rest and and enjoy the arrival of a newborn, it is important to keep on top of things by having a schedule. One of the most important schedules is the feeding schedule, which is followed by changing diapers and etc. Once you have the newborn’s needs prioritised you will be able to schedule around it.

It is important to gradually form a schedule because after the çilla period you will need to stand on your own two feet and learn how to cope with a newborn with your partner (or without, depending on your situation). To help you do this, consider using the following applications on your smartphone for feeding and diaper change.

  • Baby feeding log: This app helps you quickly log baby feedings, sleep and diaper changes. You can easily see the last feeding time and what side of breast was used if you are breastfeeding.
  • Basic baby feedings: You can track your baby’s eating needs and schedule and lessen the stress of keeping track of time. With this app you can track breast, pump or bottle feeding and it will remind you of the next feeding time, alongside many other features.
  • Mobile mom baby tacker: You can record unlimited entries of the baby’s feeding, sleeping and diaper change. This app is user-friendly and easy to understand.

There are many other apps available that can help you monitor baby feedings and your newborn’s sleeping/feeding pattern. It is essential that your newborn is fed properly and on time so that he or she can be healthy. The above applications are for iOS only but you can easily search Google store or other smartphone ‘stores’ to find out what ‘feeding’ or newborn tracker applications are available.

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