Fussy baby and the Kurdish remedy


My son is currently 2 months and 11 days old (or 70 days). In the beginning, he was an absolute angel. All he did was sleep, have his milk and do his business inside the diaper.

Fast forward two months, things have turned upside down. He won’t have his milk on time, sometimes will refuse to have any milk for 3+ hours, cries for absolutely no reason, wakes up at night and wants to have a ‘play session’ after his milk, and the worst part is, being fussy for no reason.

The ‘Kurdish remedy’ for a fussy baby is to listen to his needs. Babies cry for different reasons, sometimes (probably most of the time) we will not be able to find out the reason until we try different methods of nursing him or her. Here’s what I do whenever Baz is fussy for no apparent reason:

  • Change his diaper
  • Try to sooth him into burping or put him into the colic hold position.
  • If the above two doesn’t work, undress him to see if he has a rash or irritation (perviously, he developed mild eczema and was treated for it).

I downloaded an application on Apple’s app store called “Sound sleeper” and the sound of the ocean or rain soothes Baz to sleep sometimes — any soothing music that your baby responds to will play an important role in nursing him, alternatively you can sing your baby a Kurdish lullaby.

Remember the key ingredient: being responsive to your baby’s needs and experiment to find out what soothes him when he or she becomes fussy. I apologies for not updating this blog as often as I had hoped, but the truth is, looking after a baby is extremely hard and challenging. I’m surprised how so many women in Kurdistan manage to look after several children and still maintain an active lifestyle.

How do you deal with your fussy baby? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section…

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