Three months old with a cold


Baz turned three months old this week. For the past six days he has had a cold, which meant less sleep for us, and more fussiness from him. He is gradually getting better, but is not his usual playful self. The only thing that I gave him on two occasions because he seemed to be uncomfortable and in pain is a teaspoon of Calpol (paracetamol).

Throughout winter I managed to keep him warm enough at all times to avoid a cold, although I’m sure his immune system has grown stronger with the cold. His cold seems to have been caused by his drooling, which he has started doing for the past three weeks. I don’t think he is teething, but perhaps he is getting ready for teething in the next few months (hopefully). I have now started using bibs at all times, even when he is asleep because sometimes he wakes up and tries to suck his little fingers — drooling in the process.

The first couple of nights of his cold were the worst. We kept his bedroom humid and used Vicks on his feet to help with cough relief. I recommend Snufflebabe Vapour rub as well which is a vapour ointment to help relieve congestion and is suitable for babies as young as three months.

This has been a learning experience for me. Seeing him in pain was heartbreaking and being unable to do anything was even worse.

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