Summer essentials for your baby

bazo.pngI love summer. The clear sky, little clouds, barbeques, picnics and family-day-outs are just dream-like adventures that I enjoy immensely. Not just summer, I love every season for different reasons, the delicious food each season brings, the fun activities that are customary in Kurdish cultures for each season and an endless list of things.

However, summer can be daunting if you’re not fully prepared (I think). This is going to be my first summer with a little baby and I’m on the lookout for those “Baziinga” moments. Those golden little finds that every mother cherishes! Here are a few things that I found (so far).

  • Fan

While buying a pair of shorts for Baz recently, I noticed a green fan behind the counter at a children’s clothing shop. Who would have thought! It’s a genius idea and when I came home I googled to see what other fans were available and found a water spray fan that gives out mist and refreshes your baby on the go. This seems like an essential product for the summer. I haven’t made my purchase yet, only because I don’t think it is that hot yet but it does seem like a brilliant idea.

  • Buggy Umbrella

I blogged earlier in the year that my son had eczema previously, and like me, he has sensitive skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun can be dangerous, and an umbrella works quite well because he really dislikes the sun hitting his face directly (as would anyone I presume, unless they’re having a tan).

  • Sunscreen

Little did I realise that there apparently exists a huge debate on the usage of sunscreens for babies because some argue that sunscreens contain chemicals and are potentially dangerous to babies – there is some ambiguity on whether the chemicals used in sunscreens are actually toxic but suffice to say that a debate exists.

I haven’t really found anything surprisingly amazing for babies to have during summer but I suppose we haven’t really experienced a hot summer for me to actually know what is needed. So far, the British weather is on and off – one minute its hot and next thing you know, you’re in need of an umbrella.

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of any information provided on this blog.

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