BCG Immunisation

bcg.pngBaz recently had his BCG immunisation, although he should have had it earlier, but his appointment was rescheduled on two occasions. I looked on various websites prior to his appointment and the following questions/answers satisfied my curiosity.

  1. How does the vaccine work?
  2. Why is TB still a problem?
  3. How common is TB in England?
  4. Where in the world is TB widespread?
  5. Is TB contagious?
  6. How do I know if my baby needs the BCG vaccination?
  7. I have an allergy. Could anything in the BCG vaccine trigger that allergy?
  8. Does the BCG vaccine contain any blood products or materials of animal origin?
  9. I live with somebody who has a weakened immune system. If I have the vaccine, is there a risk that the bacteria in the vaccine could infect them?
  10. Why do we no longer vaccinate teenagers with the BCG at school? How can I get my child vaccinated?
  11. There was no scar or blister after my child’s BCG jab. Did it work?

Interestingly enough, I came across a mother on Instragram who was against immunisations, but regardless of her decision to not immunise her child at a young age, she will have no choice once they’re ready for school. Overall, the BCG immunisation was fine, and Baz only cried for about 30 or so seconds afterwards.

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