Must-have toddler toys and Eco-friendly toys

Baz inside his safety net.
Baz inside his safety net.

Here’s a list of must-have toddler toys, you can find them in most toy-stores in Hewler, and Silemani (for those based in Kurdistan) and the major baby retail stores have variations of these available.

These are good and essential toys to have in my opinion. There are dozens of toys that are equally beneficial and not listed here, but these are a couple of toys that are seemingly beneficial. It is important to remember that toys, regardless of how fancy they might be can never replace parental bonding and playtime with your child.

Which is why parents must ensure that playtime for a child does not become a lonely activity where they spend time with toys, without human contact for a prolonged period of time.

Baby car walker

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 22.17.07

There are different types of baby walkers, with dozens of alternative features. The pictured baby walker is from Mamas and Papas, currently discounted for £74.95. It is a rocker, walker, push along and mobile musical toy. In other words, you’re getting four things in one-go for your toddler.

One of the essential features of this walker, is the practical wipe clean seat pad, which is important for hygienic reasons. This is particularly the case because toddlers are messy and to protect them from germs you have to clean it on a daily basis (Da-duh!).

Baby activity walker

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 22.19.41

Sturdy design to support and nurture your baby’s first steps. Features a detachable learning centre packed with activities. Shapes and light-up musical keys introduce letters, words, numbers, animals, colours, sing along songs and melodies.

You can purchase this from Family Mall in Hewler, and other toy shops throughout the city have variations of this available. The pictured baby first steps walker is from ToysRus, and priced £22.99.

Chad Valley Wooden Alphabet Trolley

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 22.50.01

One of the ways you can encourage hand-eye coordination is through stacking up these bricks, priced at £17.99 from Argos. Stacking, sorting, and stringing are essential for toddler development, and you can find out why here.

Eco-Friendly toys

I came across EverEarth while shopping, and I was simply amazed at the simplicity of their designs, and how we are faced with an ethical question at the onset of our parenting. For over 40 years EverEarth has been manufacturing “Green” products.

At this stage, I have not fully converted to environmentally friendly toys because Baz has several toys that he loves, which unfortunately were not produced in an environmental friendly way.

There are many sites that offer eco-friendly toys, which means your toddler is not missing out on any essential toys that are important for his or her cognitive development, but this is simply a matter of choice.

In general, we try to be environmentally friendly as much as possible, but when it comes to toys, we haven’t really thought about it. There isn’t much discussion regarding this online, and I really have not come across anyone in Kurdistan that has given much thought to this.

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