Winter essentials for your baby!

IMG 6851
Baz in his snow suit.

Winter has arrived in all its glorious rainy days, and clouded joys. Here’s a list of essential items for winter for your toddler, which are quite obvious (but perhaps for some people, not so obvious).

Snow suit or heavy blanket

I don’t think you should rely on a blanket to keep your baby warm because most of the time my son just wiggles his hand out of the blanket and tries to throw it off. The best solution is to purchase a snow suit or alternatively use a hoodie, which seems more convenient since they already come with a hood to put on. However, it is essential that your baby is not overheated because it can lead to a heat rash (which is not nice to deal with).


To keep your toddler warm at night, use onesies. They’re less likely to overheat your baby and more efficient in keeping them warm.


Winter tends to cause dry skin, and this can become particularly troubling for babies. An unscented moisturiser (suitable for his or her age) is essential to use regularly, and this is especially the case if your baby is prone to dry skin.

…list continues

Socks, gloves, hats, and so on are essential (and the rest of which are simply common sense). One thing I’d like to add, many new parents like myself might not understand at first instance, is the need for several layers of clothing as opposed to two. Sometimes, the temperature changes rapidly, if you’re out shopping this can become troublesome. If your baby wears several layers, you can remove them to adjust to the outside temperature. If it’s too hot, you can remove several layers, or if its just a little cold, you might need to remove one layer. That way, you’re always in control (sort of, you can never be in control).

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