The “right time” to try for a second baby

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Baz in the summer of 2014.

In some parts of the world, babies just happen. They’re not planned, but spontaneously couples decide to “do it”. The baby-makers, boomers. For myself, it’s quite different. I don’t believe in excessive planning or over-planning, but it is essential to consider your current circumstances prior to trying for a second child.

Before I share my own opinion (dun, dun dun!). I came across various articles and blogposts online, which I find helpful. In Kurdish culture, at least parts of the culture that I’m acquainted with, having a second child should ideally follow the first, so that both children grow up together. In essence, it makes sense, but in reality, are you ready for a second child?

Here’s what some other BabyCentre mums have to say on the subject:

  • Sue Wilkes, who works for a publishing company, says: “My two boys are three and half years apart and I think that spacing is great. My older son was out of nappies by the time the younger one was born, so I loved the idea of having a baby again. And they’ve got their own lives, so I don’t get a lot of sibling rivalry. In fact, they really enjoy being with each other.”
  • Hannah Lumley, a midwife who is pregnant with her third child, says: “My first two are three and half years apart. That gave me plenty of time alone with my first. I think the older the child, the better, because they’re that much more independent and can mentally and emotionally handle the baby. In some ways I wish there was a bigger age gap between my second child and the new baby — they’ll only be two years apart. I’m dreading having two in nappies at the same time. And I’m worried about the physical challenge of having two who need so much of my time.”
  • Shop manager Cathy Duke says: “My three children are all about a year and half apart, and although it was really tough when they were all babies, in many ways it was great. They really entertained each other and have stayed very close.”

Find out more here.

What do the Kurdish mother’s think? Some are still struggling to answer whether they’re ready for the first child, let alone a second one. It’ll be interesting to see how this discussion pans out.

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