How creative are you with your child?

Baz at Grandmama's house, 2015.
Baz at Grandmama’s house, 2015.

I’m pretty relaxed with my child’s behaviour in general. If I see him play with a cup of water and analyse it mysteriously, I don’t see it as bad behaviour. I don’t think he intends to do something for the sake of ‘causing’ trouble, but simply finds it fascinating. That’s my perception, although others might disagree.

From the parents that I have observed, many tend to be quite rigid about what their child can and can’t do. For me, there’s a clear line of what is appropriate and inappropriate, but sometimes it’s okay to let them be creative.

Let some water be spilled, books on the floor, toys scattered, remote control with batteries removed, and coco pops sprinkled on the floor. At least once, for the child’s sake. Maybe it’s the inner child in me that enjoys the mess (although not the tidying).

The way I see it, my son doesn’t have any siblings, and he gets bored alone. I let him be creative so that he doesn’t get bored (within limits — climbing TV table being out of the question). We shouldn’t suppress their inner creativity, and I have seen many parents become incredibly pissed off at their child for the most simplest and innocent activity. I don’t like that one bit!

From the books and other childcare/parenting websites I have read, there’s little on letting your child’s creativity be the cornerstone of parenting. However, when discussing this with my husband, we have definitely not agreed.

He believes in discipline without room for ‘mess’ or ‘creativity’, but I’m somewhat the opposite. I believe in endorsing good behaviour as a means of endorsing or setting a precedent of what is appropriate instead of having rigid rules. As for creativity, there’s no limits on that.

What happens when parents clash in terms of upbringing? Well, I guess you find a common-ground on what is in the best interest of the child.

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