Musings of a Kurdish Mother…

Baz on a family trip to Malakan 2015.

I’m in sync. That’s a huge achievement. It’s not being in control of the situation, but being able to have a system where you manage parenting and a host of other things. It feels incredibly wonderful to be able to say, “I’m in sync”.

We’re doing okay. Sometimes we have fussy days, other days are quiet days where we watch Justin Times, have toasties and play a toddler-version of basket ball. Watching my son develop at an incredibly fast pace can be both exciting, and a little heartbreaking! Not long ago, he would stay still in my arms for what felt like a lifetime of joy, but now, five minutes of that seems heavenly and it passes by so quickly.

He’s learned a couple of words, calls me ‘Mama’ and his father ‘Baba’. The first time he said ‘Mama’ and actually meant it, the type of calling where he intends to get your attention was one-of-those moments only a mother can truly understand. It sang to my heart and soul — and sometimes I just let him say ‘Mama…mama…mama’ and then finally answer, it’s nice to hear him say it.

Mama knows best (sometimes).

P.s. My own Baba got me a parenting book, and I shall have a book review soon.

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