The little moments

Take a deep breath, and relax. Watching my son — Baz – nearly two years-old on a swing gave me a profoundly new perspective. You see, what we take for granted is not just the little moments, but an entirely different host of things. For instance, watching our children brought up in relative stability, safety and without financial difficulties. This in itself is the most valuable provision for your children.

Watching the dire situation of so many people around the world, from those refugees on the mediterranean coast to those fleeing the civil war in Syria.  What we have is often taken for granted, and when we see the suffering of others, we often forget how lucky we are.

I have felt really emotionally sick lately. I watch my own child brought up innocently, unknown to him the horrors thousands of children his age face throughout the world. I want to shield that innocence, but not nurture ignorance. It really is a heartbreaking tale because ignorance is never bliss, and I just wish the reality of those countless children could be better, that I could contribute directly to their well-being, as well as future.

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