A Greeting to all Kurdish mothers

kurdish mother, Kurdistan, motherhood, parenting, blog Hello everyone! Pexosh halm!

My name is Tara, I am very excited to be a part of this group and to share my parenting experiences, tips and stories with you all.

I would firstly like to just tell you a little about myself. I was born and spent some of my childhood in Kurdistan and have since lived in the UK. I’ve completed my education with a BSc in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Research at Brunel University. I have experience in childcare and teaching at Gatton Primary School and Al-Risalah ¬†Secondary School in London, more recently this has more or less turned into¬†a full-time job for me as I became a mother!

I am married with two incredibly fun and cheeky daughters. My husband is a Colombian Muslim and my daughters are called Ashti (almost 3 years old) and Arianne (9 months old). Life is exciting with our exposure to the mixture of cultures within our family, from enjoying learning Kurdish, Spanish and English to trying all the various cuisines and cultural celebrations.

I received much advice and tips about motherhood when I had my first daughter, yet, nobody can really prepare you for this journey! I have faced challenges such as overlooking myths about pregnancy to appreciating that every child develops at their own pace and that it’s not a competition as some first time parents view it as.

Other than the every day ups and downs, for me, motherhood has been a wonderful experience. From the days of being pregnant to today, I find it lovely to watch my children grow up and seeing their characters and qualities shine. I love participating in activities with them and I’m sometimes shocked at how much they know and understand. My aim is to show my children to love life and to appreciate their Kurdish roots and upbringing.

I am looking forward to sharing all the ups and downs of this wonderful journey with you all through blog posts and I am looking forward to also hearing from you all. Let’s make this amazing adventure of parenthood memorable, by sharing our funny stories, tips and proud moments.

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