10 Things I wish I knew

We a67fc52a40cd92f7c943489f6ccfc387all learn from experience. If I had to sit with a mother-to-be I would have so much to tell her, based on my own experience. Everything from tips and tricks to words that I wish I heard before becoming a mother. Here are a few thinks that I wish I had known….

  1. When the pharmacy says throw away the baby medicine two weeks after opening, then go online and search. So many just say that so you can go back and buy another one. Pretty sad.
  2. Mothercare is too expensive (unless during Sale time) and buy your Aptamil from Bakhtiary instead of Holland.
  3. Don’t introduce the bottle if you want to breast feed. No, the baby won’t die because of hunger, as everyone will tell you.
  4. If you don’t like the idea of your baby sucking on a piece of plastic to calm down, then imagine the pacifier never existed. Don’t buy it thinking incase I need it. You either use it or you don’t.
  5. Doctors who work at the public health clinics are actually a lot nicer than those in their private clinic. No self interest. And cost nearly nothing.
  6. Do a pregnancy photo-shoot. There are so many young, talented photographers. Find them on Instagram and book for some pictures with your other half. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest.
  7. Babies grow, they grow very quickly. There is absolutely no need for twenty pieces of newborn clothes.
  8. No need to take your baby to a doctor every 2 hours. As Google will tell you nearly everything is normal.
  9. Vitamins are essential during pregnancy and after you give birth.
  10. From the day you decide to get pregnant begin your exercise routine and have a well balanced diet. No, you don’t need to eat for two.

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