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I am a blogger on I have an interest in sharing my beautiful Kurdish culture with the world. My academic background includes a degree in sociology followed by a Masters in Social and cultural research. These alongside my position as a proud mother working in my local community, enable me to pursue the establishment of an online community that shares our experiences, knowledge and tips on parenting from a cultural yet modern perspective.

A reflection on celebrating Newroz while away from my beloved Kurdistan


Newroz is a new year celebration which welcomes spring and new life. It is celebrated across faiths and borders in the middle east. Continue reading


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As the dreaded day approaches…


Last year, I struggled a lot as my firstborn child, my 4 year old daughter, ran into her classroom on her first day of school. Continue reading

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The culture of sons vs daughters

sons vs daughters

Kurds are hailed for supporting women’s liberation and their rights to have leading roles in different aspects of society. Continue reading

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The day my little daughter left me

wp-1474230996755.jpgThe build up to my four year old daughter; Ashti, starting school was immensely difficult for me! We did our research and chose the school which suited her best. Continue reading

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My kids are driving me CRAZY!

mu, juggling

I have two kids who are amazing, little adorable cutie pies. I constantly use all the greatest words in the world to describe and speak about them. Continue reading


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Make learning fun

Painted hands in the air, kurdishmother, tara miran, learning, fun

Learning is a gift we are given throughout life. As parents and guardians, I believe we have a great responsibility to pass on our knowledge to our children. However, it can sometimes be challenging when helping your child to learn. They tend to get bored and can have short concentration spans. The mission is to make learning fun! These are 10 ways I achieve this: Continue reading

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My top recommendations for keeping kids cool in summer

Little girl running in summer, Kurdish Mother, Tara Miran

In the summer heat (especially in the humid weather in Kurdistan), it can be quite tricky trying to keep our children comfortable, cool and safe. Continue reading


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