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The Hows And Whys Of Saying No To Your Child

e3It is unfortunately very common for children to face threats, getting hit, and yelled at on a daily basis in some of the Kurdish households and even schools; usually, parents or others justify their actions by stating that it will “discipline their children”. Continue reading


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My top recommendations for keeping kids cool in summer

Little girl running in summer, Kurdish Mother, Tara Miran

In the summer heat (especially in the humid weather in Kurdistan), it can be quite tricky trying to keep our children comfortable, cool and safe. Continue reading


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Childcare in Kurdistan and nurseries


Baz, aged 6 months and three weeks.

This might sound like a horror story but I came across an article which I bookmarked, and never got around to blogging about it until now. The article was published on Rudaw News Agency in Kurdish language, and it was about childcare in Kurdistan, particularly the treatment of children within nurseries. Continue reading

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Swaddling in Lânik: is it safe?

swaddling.pngSwaddling is quite popular throughout Kurdistan. It is an ancient practice that has been followed without question. As a child I was swaddled, but have chosen not to swaddle my own son, although initially I did try it for a few days. Continue reading

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