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Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner and some are still debating whether they will fast this holy month. Rightfully, some parents are also worrying about their children’s health when they first start fasting. Continue reading


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My kids are driving me CRAZY!

mu, juggling

I have two kids who are amazing, little adorable cutie pies. I constantly use all the greatest words in the world to describe and speak about them. Continue reading


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My top recommendations for keeping kids cool in summer

Little girl running in summer, Kurdish Mother, Tara Miran

In the summer heat (especially in the humid weather in Kurdistan), it can be quite tricky trying to keep our children comfortable, cool and safe. Continue reading


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Childcare in Kurdistan and nurseries


Baz, aged 6 months and three weeks.

This might sound like a horror story but I came across an article which I bookmarked, and never got around to blogging about it until now. The article was published on Rudaw News Agency in Kurdish language, and it was about childcare in Kurdistan, particularly the treatment of children within nurseries. Continue reading

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The influence of Television on babies

10442900_249197251955440_7347923786318063127_nI’ve been somewhat reluctant to write about this. Primarily because I have been thinking back and forth on this matter – conflicted opinions are overshadowing my perspective. It really is perplexing. Not in a million years did I think watching Television would be problematic. I just took it for granted when relatives allowed their children to watch TV. Continue reading

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Treating baby fat neck folds

ruwayda.pngMy son’s neck fat folds is causing him irritation and discomfort. I clean his neck with a soft damp cloth every morning (as gently as possible) and dry it out. The red rash in fat folds is expected and should not be an immediate cause of concern, if treated properly. Continue reading

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Three months old with a cold


Baz turned three months old this week. For the past six days he has had a cold, which meant less sleep for us, and more fussiness from him. Continue reading

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