Treating baby fat neck folds

ruwayda.pngMy son’s neck fat folds is causing him irritation and discomfort. I clean his neck with a soft damp cloth every morning (as gently as possible) and dry it out. The red rash in fat folds is expected and should not be an immediate cause of concern, if treated properly.

The moist (sometimes dry flakes) or build up of baby powder or cream (whatever else you are currently using) can within a couple of hours produce a ghastly smell. From my experience the best thing to do is,

  • Do not use soap
  • Clean regularly and gently
  • Try to keep it as dry as possible

The opinion on whether baby powders work to heal the soreness and rash in the neck seems to be divided. Some think it works wonders while others have pointed out that the powder holds more moisture.

Personally, I think cleaning it regularly and making sure your baby’s drool or milk does not get in-between the fat folds is the best solution. I have tried many methods but have yet to find the ‘perfect’ cure.

Disclaimer: If there is a ‘rash’ and is causing your child discomfort please consult your GP. This is an opinion-based blog and opinions stated therein are not to be taken as medical opinions but rather personal and should always be considered with caution.

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