Let’s talk: societal expectations

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 01.50.15Increasingly women are somewhat forced socially to become “super-women”, where they’re pressurised into multi-tasking beyond their capacity.

Some of these trends are actually becoming more and more apparent in Kurdistan region, where mothers (of all ages) are weighed up on an unrealistic scale of how they should ‘cope’.

The older generation (rolls-eyes, if one could) have their own set of beliefs on what constitutes as appropriate and ‘proper’ parenting, which I find uneasy to deal with. This, coupled with ignorant traditional means of parenting, is just frustrating to accept or deal with.

The truth is, it’s okay to not be able to cope.

People expect mothers to force themselves, against all odds and their own mental sanity to transform into an all-encompassing super-woman that can joggle their career, household, child, physical looks, social life in an instant.

I hope one day we are able to discuss more of these issues in an honest and open way. Maybe…just maybe one day we can! You know why? Because having a bad day, or bad moment, doesn’t make you the world’s worst parent.

We need to reclaim our right(s) against a society that dictates how we should parent because ultimately we are responsible for the child, and we are accountable for our actions. We shouldn’t let others influence our parenting styles against our wishes/choices, and in confronting this sort of bullying, we are in fact owning up to our responsibilities.

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