Exhausted? Hello toddler years!

IMG_9474It’s been a while since I last blogged. I started out quite eager and enthusiastic. It was thrilling to think that someone like me could ever write (albeit as an amateur) on topics relating to parenting.

Baz is one years old and a couple of months. He’s such a wonderful little creature walking around, making a mess a times, and being fussy at other times. Parenting in the first and even second stage is relatively easy compared to the exhaustion that you’re likely to face when they’re able to walk around, and get up to mischief in your absence.

I would happily leave my son to play and discover as he pleases but he’s so naughty! Today, he managed to climb up behind the TV and stand there. In a matter of seconds, he was able to do that! The first time I was freaked out but he repeatedly sneaked behind the TV until I decided to take a picture before sealing off any possible entrance to the back of the television, much to his dismay.


The truth is, parenting is a wonderful gift, but it is also extremely challenging for someone working full-time and studying. Every day is a huge challenge to overcome, filled with multiple challenges. My job requires patience, attention to details and the ability to multitask, and in the evenings my role as a mother requires organic food (or frozen, not judging here!).

Sometimes I envy women who are stay-at-home mothers, who get to spend as much time as they want with their child without a care in the world. Mothers who are able to pamper themselves at times and enjoy the little things without stressing, but I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to be just that, if an opportunity did arise to simply raise my son without other activities.

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