Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner and some are still debating whether they will fast this holy month. Rightfully, some parents are also worrying about their children’s health when they first start fasting. Continue reading


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My kids are driving me CRAZY!

mu, juggling

I have two kids who are amazing, little adorable cutie pies. I constantly use all the greatest words in the world to describe and speak about them. Continue reading


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The Hows And Whys Of Saying No To Your Child

e3It is unfortunately very common for children to face threats, getting hit, and yelled at on a daily basis in some of the Kurdish households and even schools; usually, parents or others justify their actions by stating that it will “discipline their children”. Continue reading

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10 Things I wish I knew

We a67fc52a40cd92f7c943489f6ccfc387all learn from experience. If I had to sit with a mother-to-be I would have so much to tell her, based on my own experience. Everything from tips and tricks to words that I wish I heard before becoming a mother. Here are a few thinks that I wish I had known…. Continue reading

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Struggles of Kurdish Youths in the US

Moving abroad can be challenging; and is viewed as a hardship by many. This is especially the case for teenagers who are going through physical and emotional evolution. Continue reading

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Six reasons that make parenthood a challenge


Little Yad!

I can probably make a list of 1000 things that make being a parent in this part of the world a little more of a challenge and… boring? However, I have condensed the list to my top six reasons.  Continue reading

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Make learning fun

Painted hands in the air, kurdishmother, tara miran, learning, fun

Learning is a gift we are given throughout life. As parents and guardians, I believe we have a great responsibility to pass on our knowledge to our children. However, it can sometimes be challenging when helping your child to learn. They tend to get bored and can have short concentration spans. The mission is to make learning fun! These are 10 ways I achieve this: Continue reading

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